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Town of Varick Planning Board

The Planning Board in Varick holds a pivotal role, developing and regulating the Zoning Code and Subdivision Code. Responsible for issuing Special Use Permits and Short-term Rental Permits, the board shapes land use policies. Meetings are held regularly at the Varick Town Hall, fostering community engagement on the fourth Thursday of January through October and the third Thursday in November and December.

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Who Do I Contact?

The primary contact for the Planning Board is:

Carol Millis serves as recording secretary

Board Members

Recent Board Meetings

  • February 22, 2024

    Planning Board Town of Varick New York Minutes February 22, 2024 (Draft) The Varick Planning Board held a regular meeting at the Varick Town Hall February 22, 2024 at 7:00 […]

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  • Varick Planning Board September 28, 2023

    Present: Thomas Björkman (Secretary, presiding), Cindy Lont, Ann Kaminski (recording) Absent: Linda Mastellar, Frankie Long, Lauren Burling, Seth Brandow Guests: Tim Dorn (Code Enforcement), Jim Foggo The meeting was called […]

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  • Varick Planning Board July 27, 2023

    Present: Linda Mastellar (Chair), Cindy Lont, Seth Brandow (late), Frankie Long, Thomas Björkman (Secretary). Absent: Lauren Burling. One vacancy. Staff: Julia Stanley (Clerk) Guest: Ann Kaminski, Heather & Tom Willower, […]

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