Varick sign

Town of Varick

4782 Rt. 96
Romulus, NY 14541
Dock Barn
  • The Zoning Code has technical updates passed by the Town Board in February 2023. Please use new code for land use plans.
  • The Noise Ordinance helps determine what is too noisy and what to do when it happens. 
  • The Dog Ordinance was amended to require dog owners to clean up after their dogs when the defecate on others' or on public property.  
  • The official newspaper for legal notices by the Town of Varick is the Finger Lakes Times.
  • If you want to be notified by phone or email of Town events or outages, please sent your name, addresses and number to

Any interested parties are welcome to attend and the Planning Board will take notice of any concerns, or please send comments to

Town Board

Meets first Tuesday of the month
7:00 Varick Town Hall

Planning and Zoning

The Planning Board meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00
(Third Thurs in Nov and Dec.)
Varick Town Hall

Bob Hayssen
4460 State Rt. 89
Seneca Falls, NY 13148
Town Clerk
Donna Karlsen
4782 State Rt. 96
Romulus, NY 14541
Hours: Wed & Thu 9-2 or by appt

Highway Superintendent
Ben Freier
Hours M-Th 6 am to 4:30 pm
Home: 4397 State Rt 414
Romulus, NY 14541

Town Cleanup information

Ann Morgan
186 South Main Street
P.O. Box
Ovid, NY 14541
Phone: 607-869-9689
Fax: 607-869-9254

Town Council
Tom Fox
4922 Rt. 89
Romulus, NY 14541
Richard L. McCulloch
5247 Route 96
Romulus, NY 14541
Cell: 315-521-6167

Eric Riegel
5382 Route 89
Romulus, NY 14541
Cell: 315-730-2257

Richard Peterson
4946 Route 89
Romulus, NY 14541
315-521-2850 (cell)

Jeff Hogue

Court is held the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month

7:00 pm at Town Hall

Assistant DA attends on 4th Tuesday

Tax Collector
Donna Karlsen
4782 Rt. 96
Romulus, NY 14541

Donna Karlsen
4782 Rt. 96
Romulus, NY 14541
Town Attorney
Stephen Ricci
Midey, Mirras & Ricci, LLP
54 Fall Street, #2
Seneca Falls, NY 13148

Dog Control Officer
Bryan McCann
981 Yale Farm Road
Romulus, NY 14541

Dog Ordinance

Assessment Review Board
Diane Colvin
4880 Route 89, Romulus, NY 14541

Sally Kenyon
5380 County Road 125, Romulus, NY 14541

John Sensenig
4599 McGrane Road, Romulus, NY 14541

Code Enforcement
Tim Dorn
5549 Route 89
Romulus, NY 14541
Phone: 315-549-7673

Permit application and Instructions
(please read Zoning Code)

Sewer Department
Mike Gable Cell: 607-227-3597

Water Department
Ben Karlsen Cell: 315-719-7844
Village of Waterloo: 315-539-9131

Water quality reports for Varick 1, Varick 3 Varick 4 and Seneca water districts

2021 Water rates for Seneca Lake Water District:  $4.19/1000 gallons of water with a $13.57 minimum charge on the first 3,239 gallons.

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Planning Board Minutes

Board of Zoning Appeals

Zoning and Subdivision Codes

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Comprehensive Plan

Planning Survey Results

Seneca County, NY