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Telephone email
Linda Mastellar, Chair
5091 East Lake Rd. 585-6280 or 382-6070
Thomas Björkman, Secty
2886 East Varick 549-8421
Michele Hermann
5578 Route 89 607-765-3544
Frankie Long
5339 East Lake Rd 585-6750
Hershey Sensenig
 917 Yale Farm Rd 729-3091
Richard Olsen
5404 Route 89 585-444-6242 (cell)


The current Subdivision Code was adopted in February 2016. Application form for minor subdivision.  (Fillable docx)

The current Zoning Code was adopted in July 2019. Application for zoning permits.

Our land use regulations are made in accordance with a formal planning process. In 2004-2005 we developed a comprehensive plan that was adopted by the town. You can view the Varick Comprehensive Plan and details of our process. In 2006-07 we made major changes in the Zoning and Subdivision codes, which were adopted on December 4, 2007. Additional amendments have been made in 2008, 2009-10, and 2014-15, 2016. 2018 and 2019. The most recent Zoning code was adopted July 2, 2019.

Varick Land Use Regulations

Are on the Planning and Zoning page.

A Zoning Compliance Permit is needed for most construction and new land uses.
Application and checklist are available at the ZBA website


The regular meeting time is the fourth Thursday of the month. (except the third Thursday in November and December). Meetings are cancelled when there are no items before the board.
7:00 pm at the Varick Town Hall, St. Rt. 96.

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