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Varick has enacted land use rules that are intended to preserve the quality of life its residents value. If you are planning to build, start or expand a business, or subdivide your property, you will probably need some kind of approval from the Town.

Varick Land Use Regulations

TheZoning Code governs land use. The uses are different in each district. Most recent amendment: July 2019.
The Zoning Map shows where the different zones are. Scroll down for an overview.
The Subdivision Code provides requirements to separate one lot into two or more. Every subdivision requires approval as of 2010.
Comprehensive Plan sets our goals for the future.


The Code Enforcement Officer issues zoning permits and provide information on the codes.
   Tim Dorn 5549 Route 89 Romulus, NY 14541 315-237-4802
The Zoning Board of Appeals issues variances if your intended use doesn't quite fit the letter of the code, but meets the intent of the code.
    Annie Bachman, Chair
The Planning Board develops code revisions when necessary, approves subdivisions and conducts site plan review on Special Uses.
   Linda Mastellar, Chair. 585-6280 or


Zoning Compliance Permit application and checklist are available at the ZBA website

A form is available to simplify application for minor subdivisions.

map of zoning districts

In addition to the Zoning Districts of the Town of Varick, the Seneca County Agricultural District encompasses most of the town. In this district, agricultural activities are subject to state "Right to Farm" laws which take precedence over town regulations.

Town Fee Schedule

Filing Fee Year set
Plat Approval, Minor Subdivision  $50 3/2004
Preliminary Plat Approval, Major Subdivision $200
plus $50 per lot
Plat Approval, Major Subdivision  $25 12/1977

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