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Detailed responsibilities are in Article VII of the Varick Zoning Code.

Variances. To vary or adopt the strict application of any of the requirements of this Ordinance in the case of exceptionally irregular, narrow, shallow, or steep lots or other exceptional physical conditions whereby such strict application would result in practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship that would deprive the owner of the reasonable use of the land or building involved.

No variance in the strict application of this Ordinance shall be granted by the Board of Appeals unless it finds:

  1. That there are special circumstances or conditions fully described in the findings of the Board applying to such land or buildings and not applying generally to land or buildings in the neighborhood, and that said circumstances or conditions are such that strict application of the provisions of this Ordinance would deprive the applicant of the reasonable use of such land or buildings.

  2. That, for reasons fully set forth in the findings of the Board, the granting of the variance is necessary for the reasonable use of the land or building and that variance granted by the Board is the minimum variance that will accomplish this purpose.

  3. That the granting of the variance will be in harmony with the general purpose and intent of this Ordinance and will not be injurious to the neighborhood or otherwise detrimental to the public welfare. In granting any variance, the Board of Appeals shall prescribe any conditions that it deems to be necessary or desirable.

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