Town of Varick Planning Board

July 25, 2002
7:00 pm


Comments from residents 5 min each

Approve minutes 5 min

Committee reports: none

Information item

Knapp wine tasting dock proposal 15 min

Discussion item

Cesspool ordinance 60 min

We will limit today's discussion to two questions:

1. What changes does Pat Morrell need to make to meet the intent of our August 2001 resolution?
2. What additional information do we need to make the ordinance language workable and effective?

Old business
Changes made by Town Board in Travel Trailer ordinance 5 min

Changes made by Town Board in Telecommunications Tower Special Use 5 min
Reprinting Zoning Code. 5 min

New Business
Building permit application amendment 5 min

New subdivision proposals: none

Set next meeting time

Currently scheduled for September 26, 2002 2 min



Draft minutes, approved November 21, 2002

The Town of Varick Planning board met on July 25, 2002 in the Varick Fire House.

The Chairman Thomas Björkman called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Present were Board Members: Kevin Swartley, Larry Peterson, David McMillan, Bill Larzelere Richard Foxx; and recording Secretary Caroline Herd.

Absent was Board Member Mel Russo.

1) Comments from residents: No residents were present.

2) Approve minutes: Minutes were approved as stated

3) Committee Reports: none

4) Information Items:

Knapp Winery, which is owned by Glenora Wineries, has made a proposal to have a wine tasting off of a dock. Exclusive to boaters only. Operated only on weekends for four months a year 5 hours a day. The Seneca County Code Enforcement has had no problems as of yet with the current proposal.


Too close to neighboring cottages
Boat traffic
Business would start small then get bigger
Requiring inclusion in an industrial zone might be the Planning Board's role if it elects to restrict the dock wine tasting.
Björkman will check with neighbors and reply to Knappís with a letter. He will first send a draft for the approval of the Planning Board.

5) Discussion item:

Cesspool ordinance


The Federal Government is passing new and stricter laws.
Seneca County Watershed Regulations from 1968 are getting revised. Varick will be covered by these.
Planning Board had defined cesspool as 5,000 gallons or more. Pat Morrell adjusted this by making it at open cesspool. By definition an open cesspool has to be open to surface air. Planning board wants underground tanks to be included as well. It may be possible to achieve this by adding more details specific to Varick.
Test wells aren't accurate to test leaks in cesspools. Most accurate method of testing is to monitor the rate of change in liquid level. that is the regulatory standard in Iowa. Main concern with leakage is that the cesspool was not properly built. The Planning Board is considering asking for seepage test after construction. This must be performed by a registered technician.

Björkman will check to see if NRCS is a more consistent reference. He will also check on availability of people registered for checking seepage and for guidelines of acceptable seepage. He will also check with Mr. Morrell on the rationale for changing the setbacks, and whether they are taken from other guidelines.

6) Old business:

Changes were made by town board to travel trailer ordinance that add the possibility of a permit for stays exceeding 120 days.

McMillan will make up a permit form for travel trailers to stay for more than 120 days.

Caroline Herd is reprinting the zoning code.

7) New Business:

Björkman will check with the DEC on correct wording for the building permit application amendment.

Swartley noted that Matt Brower 518-457-2713 handles odor related topics for the Department of Agriculture and Markets Division of Agricultural Protection and Development Services .

8) New subdivision proposals: none

9) The next meeting is currently scheduled for September 26, 2002 at 7:00 p.m.
10) The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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