Towns of Fayette and Varick Comprehensive Plans

Thank you for taking the time to view the on-line version of the Towns' Comprehensive Plans. These plans will guide the Towns' development for the ten to twenty years beginning in 2006. They were developed in 2004-05 by a joint Comprehensive Planning Commission. Both Towns' Planning Boards were charged with reviewing the comprehensive plans annually to report on progress, and to recommend amendments should conditions change.

For quicker viewing, the Plan has been divided into separate sections, listed below. Each section is a PDF file .
Plan Component
  1 Cover (17 KB)
2 Table of Contents (48 KB)
3 Introduction (72 KB)
4 Land Use Overview (156 KB)
5 Watershed Protection and Environmental Quality (321 KB)
6 Agriculture and Farmland (219 KB)
7 Housing and Residential Neighborhoods (171 KB)
8 Tax Base and Economic Development (146 KB)
9 Transportation and Infrastructure (145 KB)
10 Community Facilities & Services (445 KB)
11 Historic Resources (985 KB)
12 Hamlets (1135 KB)
13 Implementation Strategy
    Summary (105KB)
    Tables (294 KB)
    Time Frame (265 KB)
1 Location  1.0 MB
2 Aerial photograph  1.9 MB
3 Existing Land Use  0.7 MB
4 Year structure built  0.6 MB
5 Future Land Use  0.7 MB
6 Topogaphy  2.0 MB
7 Soils  0.7 MB
8 Watersheds and Streams  1.2 MB
9 Wetlands  0.6MB
10 Agricultural Districts  0.5 MB
11 Agricultural Parcels  0.5 MB
12 Residential Parcels  0.7 MB
13 Roads and Highways  0.5 MB
14 Water districts  0.5 MB
15 Sewer Districts  0.5 MB)
16 Government & Community Facilities  0.5 MB)
17 Fire Districts  0.5 MB
18 Recreation  0.5 MB
19 School Districts  0.5 MB
20 Voting Districts  0.5 MB

Fayette-Varick Comprehensive Planning Commission

The Towns of Varick and Fayette formed the Fayette-Varick Comprehensive Planning Commission to develop a Comprehensive Plan during 2004-2005. The commission delivered a comprehensive plan that was adopted by the Town of Varick on Dec. 28, 2005 and by the Town on Fayette on January 2006.

Membership, schedule and activities

Fayette Varick
Keith Tidball, Chairman Thomas Bjorkman, Vice Chairman
Edward L. Barto, Supervisor Annie Bachman
Doug Frier Alan Gelatt
Cindy Lorenzetti Bill Kaminski, Board liaison
Mark Lott Bob Kayser
Carolyn McGuane, Secretary Bill Larzelere
Allan Merrill Frankie Long
Jeff Trout Joan E. Teichner, Supervisor
Ros Parks

Establishment. The Comprehensive Plan Commission was established by the two town boards in the fall of 2003. The members set goals, issued a Request for Proposals for consulting services and received four strong proposals. Following interviews, we selected Stuart I. Brown Associates of Fairport, and they began work in June, 2004.

Funding. The process was funded by the towns. We received two grants to offset a significant portionn of the cost. To study isses related to water quality, we received a grant as a member item from Assemblyman Brian Kolb. To study issues related to vitality of the hamlets, and were received a competitive Technical Assistance grant from the Governor's Office of Small Cities.

During the fall of 2004, we determined what information would be needed in order to develop an effective plan and began collecting that information.

Survey. In September 2004, we performed a survey that was sent to every resident in the two towns. The results of the survey are in this PDF file. The survey provided stong guidance on which issues we emphasized and which approaches we used.

In the winter of 2005, we held three focus group meetings to determine how to meet the communities' needs in three important areas.

Spring and Summer 2005

Additional Hamlet meetings 2005

Fall 2005

Review and adoption

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