Varick sign

Town of Varick

4782 Rt. 96
Romulus, NY 14541
Dock Barn

The Town of Varick has need of an operator with equipment (skidster/backhoe/excavator/dump truck) to perform periodic installation, maintenance and repair work in the Town of Varick Water and Sewer Districts.

The job includes but is not limited to installing and/or repairing and maintenance of waterlines, curb stops and hydrants as well as installing/repairing/maintenance of sewer lines and systems, all on an as needed/on call basis.

New York Department of Health Certified Grade D Distribution System License or training scheduled to be completed by date of contract.

The successful bidder will offer an hourly rate for the following:

  • Operator
  • Assistant
  • Equipment for excavating (skidster, backhoe, excavator or similar)
  • Dump truck

Will provide a $1,000,000 insurance policy naming the Town of Varick as additional insured
All bills submitted for payment will include a detailed breakdown of supplies and work
All requests for work will originate from the Varick Town Board or its designee

Application is by the Seneca County employment form (download PDF)

Mail completed application to:  Varick Town Board, 4782, Route 96, Romulus, NY 14541

Posted May 14, 2012


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