Town of Varick Planning Board

November 28, 2003
7:00 pm


Comments from residents (5 min each)

Approve minutes (5 min)

Committee reports:  none

Information item

Discussion item

Comprehensive plan prioritizing (60 min)

Old business:  none

New Business

New subdivision proposals:  none

Set next meeting time

Currently scheduled for January 22, 2004 (2 min)



November 28, 2003, Varick Fire Hall.

Chairman, Thomas Bjorkman, called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Present: Thomas Bjorkman, Larry Peterson, David McMillan, Bill Larzelere, Annie Bachman, Frabnkie Long.
Absent: Kevin Swartley.

The discussion set priorities for what Varick would like to get from the Comprehensive Plan development process. There priorities should be reflected in the contract with a consultant on that plan. (The priority list is appended to the minutes.)

Adjourned 8:05


This is an outline of what Varick is expecting from the consultant. Much of this can be included in the RFP to help the consultant scope the project and to provide a pricing breakout.

Phase 1 Description of Town Data will be supplied by County Planning Department

Phase 2A Vision development

What are the common values of each group, where is there great diversity of values? Identify issuses of concern, that affect realizing the vision. For each meeting CPC will supply 6-8 main issues that have been identified.

Neighborhood meetings - moderator supplied by consultant

1. East Lake Rd. (with Fayette) Late May or June
2. Rt. 89 Late May or June
3. Between the Lakes (with Fayette) anytime
4. Hamlet of Fayette (with Fayette) anytime
5. Hamlet of Romulus anytime

Subject meetings

1. Agriculture (with Fayette) Winter Moderator supplied by local group
2. Watersheds (with Fayette) anytime Moderator supplied by local group
3. Depot redevelopment
4. Scenic Byway Attitude surveys? Other focus groups?

At neighborhood meetings, try to identify borders of neighborhood identity for use if zones are to be mapped. CPC identifies neighborhoods and subjects, locals self-identify to determine which they will go to. Consultant will provide summary and planning implications. CPC will provide local interpretation. Consultant will frame the vision in a way that is effective for guiding future planning decisions.

Phase 2B Conceptual realization of vision.

Determine site and extent of water/sewer development.

Determine basis to decide appropriate lot size and shape in different areas.

Phase 3 We anticipate a realtively short list for implementation

1. A plan for getting water and sewer service to the places where it is wanted; including external funding, coordination at the county scale, impact on future development.

2. A list of zoning modifications or other local ordinances to help preserve current values, to incorporate Depot property, and to anticipate effect of water and sewer service. No other major development is anticipated.

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