Varick Planning Board

November 21, 2002
7:00 pm


Comments from residents (5 min each)

Approve minutes (5 min)

Committee reports: none
Information item

Knapp wine tasting dock proposal (5 min)
Discussion item
Zoning to-do prioritizing (60 min)
Comprehensive Plan
Permanent zones to replace provisional "Open Zone"
Substantial Improvement
Large Business
Zoning Map
Time limit on reconstruction
Adult entertainment regulation
Old business: none
New Business
Subdivision code distribution 10 min
New subdivision proposals: none
Set next meeting time
Currently scheduled for January 23, 2002 (2 min)



November 21, 2002, Varick Fire Hall. Approved January 23, 2003

Chairman, Thomas Bjorkman, called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM.

Present: Thomas Bjorkman, Larry Peterson, David McMillan, Bill Larzelere, Annie Bachman, and recording secretary, Ben Capraro.
Absent: Kevin Swartley and Richard Foxx.

The minutes from July and September meetings were approved.

Comments from Residents: None were present.

Committee Reports: None.

Information Item: The proposed Knapp wine tasting dock will not be pursued due to neighbor concerns.

Discussion Items: The Board continued the discussion begun last meeting regarding the Town of Varick Zoning Code.

Establishing permanent zones to replace provisional "open zones:" Bjorkman spoke to the board about a proposed zoning code from 1985 that was not enacted. The board considered contacting members of the board that proposed the code to discover why it was turned down. The board agreed that "spot zoning" or zoning to accommodate present businesses should be avoided.
Substantial improvement: County permits need be filed for an addition of 140 square feet or of $2,000 in cost. McMillan was appointed to check the policies of other towns and recommend an updated dollar amount for this definition.
Large business: The board considered updating the definition of a large business. The sense of the board was that there is no basis for doing so without a comprehensive plan in place.
Zoning map: Flood fringe over zones are currently posted on the FEMA website on a map that must be purchased. Bjorkman proposed obtaining a copy and posting it for free viewing on the town's webpage.
Time limits on reconstruction: Larzelere was appointed to investigate what basis and reasoning should be used to establish regulation.
Adult entertainment regulation: A technical memo from the New York Planning Federation was distributed for discussion at the next meeting.
Old Business: None.
New Business: Bjorkman distributed part of the Town of Varick Subdivision Regulations enacted in 1977. The board will read them and consider whether they should be updated.

The next meeting was set for 7PM Thursday, January 23, 2003 at the Town of Varick Fire Hall.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:17 PM. Ben Capraro, recording secretary


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