Town of Varick Planning Board

January 24, 2002
7:00 pm


Introductions 5 min

New member: Bill Larzelere
New recording secretary: Caroline Herd

Approve minutes 5 min

Comments from residents 5 min each

Information Items

Cesspool ordinance (Björkman) 5 min

Committee reports

Junk car ordinance (Russo) 10 min

Discussion items

Junk car Ordinance 15 min
Cell tower Ordinance 15 min

New Business

RV Park petition 10 min

New subdivision proposals 15 min each

Set next meeting time

Currently scheduled for March 28, 2002 2 min




Town of Varick Planning Board

The Town of Varick Planning board held a meeting on January 24, 2001 in the Varick Fire House. The Chairman Thomas Björkman called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Present were Board Members: Richard Foxx; Bill Larzelere; David McMillan; Larry Peterson; Kevin Swartley;

Absent was Board Member Mel Russo.

1) The Chairman introduced the new board member Bill Larzelere and new recording secretary Caroline Herd.

2) A motion to accept the minutes was made by David McMillan and was seconded by Larry Peterson and carried.

3) Comments from residents: Tom Howard would like the Planning Board to look into the Junk car Ordinance. The regulation of RV parks and height of fences: Charles Alexander and his mother Eileen Alexander have a petition of over 100 signatures (2 people have signed twice) opposing the construction of an RV park. The community member that would like to build the park does not have the necessary 100 ft needed to build on; instead he has two 55 ft plots. Foxx stated that the construction of the shed this community member is building does not require a permit. The Alexanders would like the Planning Board review the ordinances related to RVs, and trailer parks, and also address the legal height limits of fences, since fences that are too high can cause problems on neighboring land such as mold and fungus.

4) New Business: The Alexander case has been reviewed; the petition has been accepted and is being forwarded to the Town Board with belief that RV parks are covered under section 107 of the zoning code of the town of Varick, the definitions of a Mobile Home, number 1. Section 302.3a describes special uses for a mobile home park, 303.1 would also address such issues. Richard Foxx made the motion to forward the Alexander case to the Town Board and was seconded by David McMillan.

5) Cesspool ordinance: Björkman- Additional information for specific additions will be coming. .

6) Junk car ordinance: Björkman- Mel Russo looked and Seneca Falls is the only town with a Junk Car Ordinance. Under general landscape ordinances junk yards have to have fences.

Two Solutions:

Do nothing and rely on state law state requirements. This means there will be a $100 a week fee with out a permit. Thomas Björkman asked state police if a town officials calls about the junk yard problems they will give a citation. However this means only a State police officer will be able to give the citation.
Pass a local law identical to the state law allowing a local officer to issue a citation. This would mean a town representative would have to go to court also. This duty would have to be assigned.
7) Cell Tower Ordinance: Björkman- Towers can go in quickly and they are relatively expensive. It has been requested that the tower does not stick out and is more camouflaged. The tower would be located on 96A. The zoning code will need to be changed.

To deal with the junk yard problem, the Planning Board will make a recommendation to send someone from the Town Board to talk to the residents violating the State’s Junk Yard Law, explaining the complaints that have been brought up. This would be their warning to clean up their yard; otherwise they will have to appear in court. Also the Planning Board wants to add the concerns of this issue in the town mailings out of courtesy, stating that there IS a junk yard ordinance. Therefore, a person from the Town Board must be supplied with the exact ordinance.

8) There were no new subdivisions proposed.

9) The next meeting is currently scheduled for March 28, 2002.

10) The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

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