Varick Planning Board meeting Thursday, June 14, 2001

Present; Mel Russo (chair), Kevin Swartley; Larry Peterson, Thomas Bjorkman, Richard Foxx, David McMillan, Jeff Case

M. Russo reported that the Thurston sub-division is back from County Planning. Motion to approve the sub-division-M.R.-D.F.

We reviewed the Varick Ag. Sub-committee report read by M. Russo.

Motion to reject the recommendation from the Ag. Sub-committee.T.B.-D.F. Motion passed 5yes, 2 no

Reasons for rejection

T. Bjorkman remarked that

Motion to continue moratorium until Health , odor and water quality issues can be fully resolved. D.F. D.M. motion passed 5 yes 2 no

It was noted that Ray Young wants to sub-divide property on East Lake Rd. He will submit a plan for the sub-division.

Motion to adjourn K.S.

Respectfully submitted;_____________________________

Kevin Swartley Clerk of the Board

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